Construnext has carried out the refurbishment, adaptation and setting up of hotels of all kinds. In the case of the Trip Alameda Hotel, two basement floors were developed and adapted to the client’s and the sector’s changing needs.

H&M | Refurbishment of retail premises

Construnext has carried out the refurbishment of retail spaces without this having an impact on customers or on opening hours. Amongst others, the work carried out on the 600m2 premises used by H&M in Paseo de Gracia is of particular relevance.

GSI | Office remodelling

Construnext has remodelled dozens of office spaces in order to make them suitable for new professional uses. In this case, the objective of construction company, GSI, was to create a feeling of harmony in its 1,300m2 and this led to a complete refurbishment of the area by our team.

VENEZUELA 103 | Setting up offices

The architects at Construnext design, create and bring to life refurbishment and redevelopment projects of all kinds ranging from entire buildings to very small spaces. A good example of this might be the office refurbishment carried out in this 400m2 space which required a complete transformation.

SCHOOL OF LANGUAGES | Setting up a school

Construnext adapts to the needs of all types of businesses and transforms the space which its different clients need. Amongst some recent projects, the setting up of an English language school in Barcelona which needed to make its 500m2 suitable for its students is of particular relevance.

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