About us


Construnext is a construction company that was set up in 2007 to handle construction, rehabilitation and refurbishment requirements in the Spanish and Portuguese real estate markets. We have offices in Barcelona, Madrid and Palma de Mallorca and work throughout Spain and Portugal.


Our team includes architects, interior designers, industrial engineers, building engineers and a staff of twenty site workers (construction managers, master and skilled construction workers, as well as skilled and unskilled construction labourers). A team of staff of this calibre ensures that technical exchanges are carried out with the client across all stages of the project.


Construnext specialises in the preparation and completion of projects from the moment when they are brought to life on plans or in 3D models, right up until turnkey delivery. Our company provides a comprehensive range of services – removals, service creation, material searches, corporate image development, furnishings, security systems and so on – which accompany and guide clients throughout the entire process, thus avoiding the need to contract third parties or outsourced suppliers.

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