We specialize in the integral realization of building, refurbishing, and remodeling projects, as well as implementing new concepts of professional spaces in the corporate, health, hotel, and retail sectors, right up to turnkey delivery.


Construction requires a strong focus on operational discipline, technical experience, commercial results, and risk mitigation.
We listen to our clients to understand what is important and why in order to fulfill our shared vision.

Our solid relationship with suppliers and subcontractors gives us access to a wide pool of talent. Our experience and commitment to client satisfaction have led many of our clients to entrust us with their projects.


CONSTRUNEXT’s first order was made by TUI GROUP, who needed a fit-out for one their hotels in Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands. Our experience in the hotel and retail industries has driven most of our construction firm’s strategy.

Delivery of customized, high-quality equipment on tight deadlines, attention to detail and appreciation for good design are what makes us different.

We value our relationships. We focus on what our clients need for their spaces. Not only in new constructions, but also in managing the process and the environment, key aspects in refurbishments and fitting-out spaces in use. A focus we have embedded in our company from the very first day.

Refurbishment & renovation

Remodeling demands for the capacity to solve complex problems, to innovate and adapt, and meet the challenges of working in real environments.
Our renovation projects not only combine our construction and refurbishing skills; they are also an opportunity to partner with our clients and provide them the strategic support that makes a difference between a feasible refurbishment or demolition and reconstruction.

360º Product development

Construnext is leading a new business line based on experience and the delivery of built projects and new spaces.

With an experienced construction team in our company, and professional and cooperating partners, we also offer our clients new spaces for investment, capitalization or exploitation.

We conceptualize, we localize, we design, and we build end-products with the sole premise of sustainability as the base of every new space.


Construnext is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 certified for its Quality management, Environment management and Occupational Health and Safety.  Certified lines of work include “comprehensive construction projects as well as building repairs, redevelopment and conservation”.


Construnext makes the necessary audits for clients to obtain certifications regarding energy efficiency, quality and environmental compliance. We also manage any necessary construction work needed to ensure compliance with current regulation.

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