Construnext takes responsibility for all the processes involved in construction management and carries out projects across all sectors of society: industry, finance, health, hotel, retail, leisure, etc.


Construnext assigns the same quantity surveyor who has carried out the technical and financial background work to the role of construction manager, thus avoiding any missing links in the information chain established at the very beginning of the project.


The engineering department at Construnext calculates and measures the facilities and makes the modifications which are necessary in order for the project to be a success. It establishes a programme which facilitates strict compliance with delivery dates.


The technical team at Construnext studies the space due to be developed and offers the client the option of working from plans including all the necessary details both in terms of compliance with legal requirements and in terms of achieving the desired result.


Construnext is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 certified in terms of its Quality, Environment and Safety Integrated Management System. Certified lines of work include comprehensive construction projects as well as building repairs, redevelopment and conservation.


Construnext organises the necessary audits in order for clients to obtain certifications for energy efficiency, quality and environmental compliance. It also manages any necessary construction work needed in order to ensure compliance with current regulations,

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