Poble Espanyol de Montjuïc

For the International Exhibition of 1929 in Barcelona, the City Council decided to build a sort of town in Montjuïc to represent Spain’s architectural heritage and craftwork. The project was called Poble Espanyol and, although the intention was to build something that would only need to last for a few months, it is still standing today. This notwithstanding, the fact that it has lasted ninety years has required numerous interventions to ensure its survival.

The company that manages Poble Espanyol asked Construnext to repair a building, a tower, and a roundabout. To achieve this, the traditional stones, tiles, and finishes used for the original building were replicated. Given the site’s historic relevance, the work execution was a real challenge for the Construnext team.


Repairing a building, a tower, and a roundabout

  • Client

    Poble Espanyol

  • Location


  • Tasks

    Repairs to the facade, Common areas

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