Casino de Barcelona

The Perelada Group, the owner of Casino de Barcelona, contacted Construnext for large intervention that included the construction lavatories in staff offices and the casino’s VIP area, as well as the removal of an interior concrete staircase that was replaced with an iron structure with a glass railing. We also upgraded the roof and access ramps, which needed serious improvement. The work affected a total area of 300 square meters.

The works were carried out as per their exceptionally high standards, while the casino was open to the public, causing little disturbance, if any, when demolishing the concrete staircase with diamond wire. Premium quality finishes in lavatories, tiles, and other materials used on floors and walls improved the functionality and convenience of the premises.


Construction of lavatories in the casino's VIP area and staff offices

  • Client

    Grup Perelada

  • Location


  • Tasks

    Flooring, Finishes

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