Holmes Place

To renovate the facilities of the new Premium Fitness Club Holmes Place, located in the SOM Multiespai Shopping Center (Nou Barris, Barcelona), this chain of high-end gyms relied on Construnext’s knowledge and proven experience. An ambitious project carried out in a 5.000m2 space, the main objective of which was to renew the image of the center’s facilities in order to improve the members’ experience when working out.

Construnext carried out a renovation and improvement of the club’s image with a new distribution including high-value services for clients. Without a doubt, a current and innovative makeover, which not only aimed to create a community consistent with the gym’s philosophy but also to provide added value to members. In addition, the project was governed from the beginning with the purpose of guaranteeing maximum comfort and functionality to the complex, betting on redistribution of space, and improving services and facilities.


Renovation of the new Premium Fitness Club's facilities

  • Client

    Holes Place

  • Location


  • Tasks

    Redistribution of space, Improvement of facilities

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