We specialise in turnkey construction, rehabilitation, remodelling and setting up of new workspace concepts for the corporate, health, hotel and retail sectors, right up until handover.

We provide services for companies who wish to settle into new facilities, invest in existing property with a view to revaluation, and/or renew current premises.

Construnext has a staff of experts covering all the fields needed in order to develop projects of all kinds. It includes architects, engineers, designers, interior designers, sales staff, administration staff and on-site workers. We do not need to involve third parties in our projects.

What we do

Construnext is a construction company which specialises in turnkey construction, redevelopment and delivery of workspaces for the industry, health, hotel, retail and leisure sectors. Our services begin with plan-based projection and complete with turnkey delivery.






Construnext has a multi-disciplinary team including architects, engineers, designers, interior designers and construction workers and, based on client needs whilst applying a global vision of the project, delivers jobs in a quick, solid and flexible manner.

Construction management

Project management